Leave a Legacy Temiskaming


Make a Difference in the Lives that Follow

The City of Temiskaming Shores presents the LEAVE A LEGACY committee with the official proclamation designating May as LEAVE A LEGACY month in Temiskaming Shores. In the photo are from left to right, Jack Birtch (Committee Vice Chair), Peter Ramsay (Committee Chairman), Mayor Judy Pace, Chris Oslund (Committee Member) and Linda Alexander (Committee Secretary).

LEAVE A LEGACYTM is a national initiative of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners to
promote interest in and create public awareness of charitable giving through a will or an estate
plan. Its national mission is to encourage Canadians to have a Will and to consider the personal
and financial benefits of making a charitable request to the charities of their choice.It provides
information to the public about planning their estates and encourages them to make estate gifts
to charitable organizations of their choice.

Charities depend upon the generosity of their donors. If we can increase awareness of the
benefits of philanthropy in Temiskaming we can significantly benefit our local charities
over the long run, and assist in making them more self sustaining.

The message of LEAVE A LEGACYTMTemiskaming is two fold:

1. ensure every adult has a will

2. encourage individuals to leave a gift for their favorite charity in their wills.

Future generations of Canadians, including grandchildren and other family members, will benefit if we act
now to strengthen our charities.