Leave a Legacy Temiskaming


Leaving a Legacy is not only for the wealthy. We can all plan a legacy gift of whatever amount,
no matter what our current assets or income may be.

Think about the charities or causes you would most like to help. Perhaps you have benefitted
from a community service or organization, have been a volunteer, or believe in the mission of a
specific organization. Or perhaps you may wish to leave a gift in the memory of a loved one.

Legacies are often referred to as planned gifts, since planning a gift can often result in a
significant contribution to a charitable organization. While the commitment is made now, the
financial benefits are usually not received by the charity until some time in the future. The
beauty of planning a gift is that it enables individuals to match their philanthropic goals with
their personal goals of providing for their heirs.

Charitable giving can help your own financial picture, while helping others whom you care
about. Charitable giving benefits both society and the donor, if it is done properly.

Talk to your lawyer, accountant or financial adviser. You can make a difference in the lives that